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Let's be frank about our services

We're not hot dogging it here: If a picture is worth a thousand words, many pictures capture your event the way only we can

Eye-catching images

Contact us with your photography needs and we’ll develop a price for head shots, event photography, group photos or product-related photography.  For extensive shoots, our hourly rate minimum charge is $150 per hour for one hour of work; but the rate scale is sliding depending on how much more or less work is needed. We will transfer all photo rights to you and even deliver thumb drives or CDs of finished photography work for an additional fee.

Illuminating communications solutions

Short and long-form stories

Compelling, custom-written and customer-focused news articles featuring your business can be written to position your business as an authority, or as a feature story to tell customers about your unique business niche in the local market. 

For $80 ($125 for long-form pieces such as magazine, trade publication or other articles more than 1,500 words), 608 Beacon Enterprises LLC will ghost write the article and turn it over to you within five business days (with some exceptions -- up to five revisions at no charge) for you to post wherever you want.

There is an additional fee of $60 per photo and identifying caption for any accompanying photography. 


Bylined articles from Chris Mertes are available for $125 per article up to 750 words and long-form articles for $150 or more (depending on length), with the same additional photo/caption fees applicable.

Miscellaneous services

Video interviews, long-form (30 minutes or more) 608 Beacon Enterprise-hosted videos recorded with the Sun Prairie Media Center, Zoom hosting, online forums, complete event photography, photo galleries and short-form video and other services are available at a negotiated hourly rate.

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